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Savannah studied Psychology at Western Washington University and has been learning Pacific Northwest Ethnobotany, Herbal Medicine, & Plant Identification for the last several years. She is a forager, lover of sound therapy, meditation, yoga, & mindfulness practices. She is a Certified Sound Healing Practitioner through the SoundEmbrace Institute and has completed two 10-month herbal medicine/ ethnobotany apprenticeships through Trillium Medicine and Raven's Roots Naturalist School. She owns & operates a small business selling wild-harvested & handmade herbal products in addition to providing sound therapy workshops & private sessions for clients in Washington state. She has several years of experience working in education, mentoring, & coaching people of all ages. She serves clients in need of self-care, who want to connect with their higher self and become empowered to move forward into the lives they want to live. 

Professional Bio

Personal Story

Hi, I'm Savannah. I was born and raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I’m a lover of plants, travel, and the outdoors. I am the eldest child, I grew up being the responsible one, the advice-giver, and the nurturer. Like any family, mine has experienced its fair share of trauma from death, heartache, to mental illness. I’ve always been the person to call in times of need. The responsibility of showing up in this way for others was at times heavy for me, but has also provided me with purpose. I genuinely love helping and coaching others to reach their potential & this has guided the trajectory of my life.


When I turned 24, I decided to take a chance and do something completely outside of my comfort zone. I wanted to learn, grow, and experience the world. I moved to South Korea for 4 years and taught English to middle and high school students. It took strength and courage to move on my own, knowing no one and not much about Korean culture. It was a memorable time in my life and allowed me to travel to multiple countries in Asia. The best part was, I met the love of my life there. This journey of living and traveling abroad has transformed my life, helping me to become a better teacher, a stronger leader, & become more grounded in myself. It has provided me the skills necessary to set positive boundaries, while also being a supportive person to the ones I love. While on one of my adventures, I had my first experience with sound healing. 


With my partner, I attended a yoga studio in Bali, Indonesia called the Yoga Barn. I signed up for a sound bath after finding out yoga classes were full for that day. It was a profound experience that I still carry with me. The way the sound traveled through my body was indescribable. It is something you truly have to experience to understand.

During my travels, I was able to see the world through the eyes of others, understand & accept the differences between people and cultures. After my Bali sound bath journey, I maintained a blossoming curiosity for sound healing. Since I have the heart for supporting others, I want to bring the practice of sound and its positive benefits into my community. Sound baths can provide a powerful exploration for the human mind, body, and soul for which I am excited to share with you. Sound is a wonderful way to provide support to others, but also give individuals the opportunity to show up for themselves. For me, sound healing has been a catalyst to make positive change in my life, helping me connect to my inner voice, and through being more aware in my body I've been able to overcome health struggles & habits that are not inline with my authentic self. 

Sound therapy is a tool for anyone needing to experience healing & self-care. Check out "Sound Healing Info," on my website to learn about the possible benefits you may experience! Much of the experience in a sound bath is of your own making & I look forward to facilitating your session, & holding space for you to navigate your journey towards healing, happiness, and relaxation. 



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