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What is sound healing?

Sound healing is an ancient meditative practice which uses sound & vibration from a variety of instruments, including, but not limited to drums, gongs, chimes, & Tibetan or crystal bowls to relax your mind & body. It aids the body in reaching homeostasis where the physical body can focus on healing from the inside out.


A sound bath is a guided experience where participants comfortably lie (or sit) on the floor with their eyes closed to obtain a relaxed state. A sound session or "sound bath" is referred to as such, because of the feeling of being bathed by experience that you must feel to truly believe. The session includes breathwork & listening to a variety of instruments which frequencies assist the body in activating the parasympathetic nervous system (rest & digest). Once in this relaxed state, the PNS naturally decreases blood pressure, slows breathing, & focuses on internal healing processes. 

Benefits of Sound

Reported Benefits of a Sound Bath Session​.

Please note that everyone's experience is unique. Each session can bring up different results, and emotions. We suggest attending in person sound sessions once a week to feel the full effects of sound therapy.

  • Harmonization of the body & mind

  • A profound sense of well-being

  • Helping physical & mental body refocus

  • Balancing of our energy centers

  • Relaxation of mind

  • Personal development

  • Blood pressure normalization

  • Help the body enter the "rest & digest" state of being

  • Improving stress-related disorders and anxiety

  • Deeper & improved sleep

  • Assisting to balance our immune system

  • Stimulation of energy

  • Self-confidence

  • Empowerment & assertiveness

  • Clarity of the mind & decision making processes

  • Mental preparations

  • Improved concentration and creativity

***Experiences are unique to each participant & results may vary. Ethereal Sound & Wellness does not guarantee these results and does not provide medical advice, treatment, diagnosis or claim to cure any disease. All information listed on this website is for educational purposes only and we suggest you do your own research We also suggest you seek professional medical advice before trying any new alternative/holistic therapy to see if it is right for you.***

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