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The Salt and Smoke Kit contains the following to help you build a protected and cleansed space wherever you may be. This kit is for self-care, and to create an ambient space in your home and assist with self-care practices.


All items were hand-made and selected with the best intentions in mind to transform any space.


- Candle - (essential oils/soy wax, hemp wick) locally made by Refind Creations. Light & burn with care. Please keep away from anything flammable & out of reach of children. Scent may vary.


- Herb bundle: Locally and ethically harvested Sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata) & Statice (Limonium sinuatum) hand wrapped and bundled with hemp twine. Set an intention & burn with care.


- Selenite wand


- 2 Lavender Mini Soaps


- Frankincense, Orange, Ylang Ylang bath salt with rose petals, calendula, and cornflower petals.


-A rose quartz pendulum - A pendulum is a tool used for spiritual guidance, cleansing negative energy, answering questions, & making decisions.

Salt & Smoke Kit

  • All of my products are made in small batches and handmade by me. I grow and harvest my own herbs as well as wild harvest. All products are palm oil-free, vegan, and do not contain synthetic fragrances or ingredients. 

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